Benefits of Leasing

Need to Expand Your Fleet, Or Looking For A Way to Minimise Tax?

If you think it’s smart business to have large lumps of cash tied up in depreciating assets and unpredictable cashflow with peaks and troughs through the year in maintenance and running costs for your business vehicles, then owning is for you.

On the other hand, if you think it is a smarter strategy to reduce negative impacts on cashflow, remove your exposure to depreciation, be more tax effective with essential costs, then leasing is probably an option you need to look very closely at.

Leasing is a smarter business strategy when vehicles are often one of the top two or three business expenses, with operating leases offering cashflow certainty, mitigating against asset risk and operating cost budgets. Novated finance leases can also be offered to your valued employees, providing them with a tax-effective salary sacrifice vehicle option.

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